Understanding Pennsylvania’s Complex Legal Weed Laws

Compared to other states, PA medical marijuana laws might just be some of the most complex ones you’ll ever encounter. And we’re not kidding when we say that. There are just so many details that you need to pay attention to or else you’ll risk breaking the law.

Complicated laws aren’t really a rare thing in the United States but PA definitely takes it to the next level. In this article, we’ll be discussing the complicated weed law in PA.

Medical Marijuana Program in PA

Medical marijuana was legalized in the state back in 2016. Just like every other state, those who have qualifying conditions are legally allowed to get their own medical marijuana card which allows them to buy MMJ from dispensaries.

Currently, there are over 21 conditions and patients are applying by the thousands. What’s amazing is that there are just over 400 doctors out of 56,000 in the state that are qualified to recommend marijuana to patients.

One main obstacle that limits the number of doctors getting approved is that they don’t have the time to go through a four-hour training program. Most of them think that the entire process is just not worth their time.

The disparity between the number of doctors available to the number of patients wanting to get approved is so big that it might actually take more time waiting for a doctor’s appointment than waiting for you medical marijuana card if ever you get approved.

But lucky for patients, the MMJ program made sure to help these patients out by providing a list of approved doctors in the PA state website. Surely, patients know just how much time is saved with a list to go through.

Complex Parts of the Law

It’s not exactly easy understanding where the PA marijuana law comes from, especially for the side of businesses. In the first phases of their business from the point of getting approved, they are already faced with lots of deadlines.


One of these deadlines is that in a span of six months, these dispensaries and growers should already be up and running for business. This might seem possible for dispensaries, but for growers, it sounds like a crazy dead-end.
Planting and growing these plants go through a really tough process of making sure they’re excellent by the time inspectors come around. And when these growers encounter bumpy rides along the way, dispensaries are also affected.

University-based Research Centers

Another difficult part of the law is that it allows universities to create their own research centres for cannabis. But despite being allowed to do so, these research centres can only use cannabis grown in government-designated areas in Mississippi.

They can’t use marijuana that’s grown in PA, only the ones approved by the government. If they fail to do so, they could be at risk.

But this is often confused with the idea that these universities will grow marijuana and open their own dispensaries. Doing such a thing puts the entire institution in jeopardy, not just their funding because after all, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug.

No Growing at Home

Only those with licenses can grow medical marijuana, which makes it illegal for residents to grow their own supply of marijuana in their backyard.

If you grow marijuana at home, you can be fined up to $15,000 and be jailed for 2.5 to 5 years in prison. Even if you don’t plan to sell it to other people, you’ll still be found guilty of disobeying the law.

Impact of Recreational Marijuana

While talks of recreational marijuana don’t exactly lead to a clear path right now, it’s still going to change the game in the state.

Its first impact would be the influx of people buying marijuana for whatever they want to use it for. But the important aspect here is that those with conditions not included in the list will have access to marijuana itself.
Another important factor would be the lessened need for doctors to recommend patients for the drug. A lot of these doctors don’t really support medical marijuana and that’s made an impact on the number of available doctors who actually do.

With full legalization, patients no longer need approval by the doctor because they can just march right on to the doors of dispensaries. But of course, patients are always prioritized.

PA doesn’t seem like a much different state compared to other states with stricter laws. For sure, this will be completely different if marijuana will be fully legalized in the state. For now, some aspects of the law can be quite confusing, even for institutions.

What’s important is that you remind yourself of your limits and always double-check the actions you take whenever it’s about medical marijuana.…

Both Employees And Their Employers Will See Benefits From Reform To Worker’s Compensation Law

The law states that any employee who loses a limb while on the job will receive the maximum workers compensation payment that is available. In New York this benefit stands at a weekly rate of $400 for 312 weeks. It is legal, however, for a worker who suffers from incurable pain in their lower back to continue to collect benefits for his lifetime. A 1914 law instituted to manage workers comp created the discrepancy in benefits for these two types of injury.


This law formed a schedule for many disabling injuries, however, it did not cover all of them. Specific guidelines were set up regarding the length of benefits for loss of hearing or the loss of a limb. Some benefits, which aren’t specifically mentioned by workers’ compensation law, can earn the sufferer indefinite payments, whether the disability is permanent or partial. Included in these are conditions like mental strain or back trouble. This has brought about a workers compensation system that reimburses 70% of its profit dollars to only 13% of clients’ situations.

The premium for workers’ compensation is seventy-two percent above the United States average in New York. Both local businesses and governments have been subjected to the loss of income caused by these high premiums.

Alternately, other states within the same geographic area offer more than New York’s $400 per week maximum compensation amount. This faulty system is now being evaluated by local governments within the state of New York. A lot of states have already taken the steps of increasing their maximum payout to a maximum of $686 a week. A short time ago,

Texas retained one of the worst workers’ compensation programs in the country. However, changes have been made to the system, it has the nation’s third-highest workers’ compensation costs and the highest rate of injured employees. Doctors in Texas are also dropping out of servicing worker’s compensation claims at a high rate. Texas solved their worker’s compensation problem by building new physician networks and making a small increase in the benefits available to injured workers. Now, Texas ranks as one of the best workers’ compensation programs in the United States.

In New York, the concepts that have been introduced to the debate comprise of restricting the amount of time for benefits on permanent partial disabilities that last for ten years. Yet another method included is boosting the weekly benefit limits up to $500. This combination of changes would help reduce premium costs by an estimated 15percent. One hope is that any additional concepts or ideas that are presented to the government body will improve and boost the benefits that much more. Getting to a middle ground on a raised benefit compensation rate is the most apparent route to fixing the issues with workers’ comp benefits. There also needs to be resolution to long term ongoing cases of back pain. The State of California has already implemented such reforms within its compensation laws.

In California, the petition drive was initiated in order to place the question onto the actual ballot. Faced with a constituency that clearly favored changing the law, state legislators were forced to rewrite worker’s compensation. With the lack of a choice for a petition drive, the key to attaining New York’s reformation is by motivating frontrunners to bring that issue to the forefront. Local government officials need to contact state legislators and tell them that this is a top priority for both small businesses that are struggling to make payments and local governments that are taking on more with less money.…

Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Dog Bites to Children and Endangered Gray Wolves

If you’ve had a child injured by a dog bite, whether it takes place in Palm Springs, CA, San Diego, Orange County, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Newport Beach, Buena Park, Indio, Westminster, El Cajon, Chula Vista or Murrieta, or anywhere in California, there is virtually strict liability for the person who owns a dog that bites someone and if homeowner insurance can be found, we can see that you are compensated for your injuries.

However, it is the psychological damage to a child that can be even worse than the injuries and children should not grow up being afraid of wolves. Psychologists can usually quite easily remove a child’s fear but parents can also do a great deal to let the child see how friendly animals can be, but also how to approach an animal so the animal is not frightened or nervous of the child.

Children should approach a dog only with adult supervision very slowly with their hand out close to the ground with the palm up and allow the dog to sniff the palm of the hand before slowly and gently petting the dog. With a wolf hybrid, it is best also not to look the wolf hybrid directly in the eye as this can be misinterpreted by the animal as a challenge.

As a personal injury attorney and dog bite lawyer in California and someone who knows wolves quite well, despite all the beliefs that wolves are dangerous, it is common for a wolf to actually be frightened of a child. There appears to be an instinct that tells the wolf that a child is unpredictable. As personal injury attorneys we have never received a call about a bite from a wolf because a wolf will normally run away if it is frightened. Gut other animals can pose a significant danger to children.

To help children understand wolves, this story is presented.

A friend of mine has a wolf hybrid and it is the most gentle and funny animal you could possibly want to have as your friend. But when I last visited the wolf, the wolf was as mad as a bear.

“What’s got you so steamed up?” I asked.

“You’ve heard about the Gray Wolves being endangered?” the wolf asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Well, they’re not endangered any more.”

“That’s good news, isn’t it,” I asked the wolf.

“It would be, if they weren’t planning to allow people to hunt them again.”

“If they were endangered until just recently, but now we are going to have humans hunting them again, aren’t they endangered again?”

“They are from where I’m standing,” the wolf said.

Fortunately, my friend’s wolf was an arctic wolf, but wolves don’t see themselves as being different breeds such that one breed is better than another.

“Let me ask you a question,” the wolf said. “If a person mistreats a dog, what happens?”

“He can go to prison,” I said.

“But if a person shoots at dogs for sport?”

“Same result,” I said. “Dogs are protected by law.”

“And dogs came from what animal?” the wolf said.

“Wolves,” I said and saw where this was headed.

“Anything seem wrong with this?” the wolf asked.

“Sure,” I agreed.

“And do wolves attack humans?”

“No,” I said. “They just hunt other animals when they need to eat.”

“Do wolves kill for sport?”


“Have I ever bitten you or anyone?” the wolf asked.

“No,” I said.

I could see that the wolf was having a difficult time digesting the unfairness of it all.

“You have human rights organizations, and animal rights organizations, and laws, and tribunals, and PETA, but they’re still going to hunt wolves?”

“Apparently so,” I said.

“Doesn’t seem right,” the wolf said.

We sat awhile in silence.

“Do wolves feel pain?” I asked.

“Sure we feel pain. We get disease, and we get old just like you.. I’m twelve and already I have arthritis. But dogs are rarely given pain killers, or surgery, or even a choice of whether we want to live or die.”

“Not very funny, is it?”

“Nope. Makes you want to bite something.”

“You know people who own dogs get sued when their animal bites someone,” I said.

“The humans deserve it if they don’t train their dogs not to bite,” the wolf said. “It’s not difficult.”

“Why do you always chase rabbits,” I asked.

“A wolf will always think of a rabbit as food,” the wolf said. “Some things are instinctual. Like knowing humans are good and gunshots mean danger. And while I don’t particularly like your cat, I know better than to bite him.”

“Because I told you not to?” I asked.

“That and the fact that he’s got sharp claws and always goes for my nose when I get too close.”

“Is there anything I can do for you?” I asked when the wolf groaned as he lay down.

“Even if I can’t, could you bite the person in Washington that said it’s okay to hunt wolves again.”

I promised that I would.…

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Injury Claim Questions & Answers

How is time stale figure? for an insurance claim for an injury? Please read the details….?

The insurance company is going to pay me for time I was bad work or had to use sick days. I was hurt surrounded by an accident at the end of a calendar year. I didn’t hold enough sick days left to bring the time…

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How long after a workmens compensation claim for temperary injury?

Workmans Comp is handled at the state level so your answer is state specfic. Contact your workmans comp department in your state or check their website’s FAQ. It sounds like it would be commonly ample asked to be a “Frequently Asked Question.” The wait period for workers comp, vary by state….

How long after an injury occur can you claim Workman’s compensation?

I had a guy injure himself about a month ago. Originally it be no big deal and he hasn’t missed work and even coaches a hockey team next to his kids. Now he says his knee is really hurt and have to claim for over month and that is best…

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How long do injury compensation claims give somebody a lift to budge through?

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How long do you enjoy to claim bodily injury after a coupé fluke within MA?

You should file a claim right away. Just call the at-fault possessor , and let them know that you were injured. A stoppage in filing may distribute up a red flag. MA is a No-Fault state. You have PIP coverage of your own. This coverage will…

How long do you hold to claim bodily injury after a motor chance surrounded by Missouri?

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I was involved in an auto coincidence, unfortunately it was my guiltiness. The property damage claim has cleared, however near is still the bodily injury claim pending. How long will this take to clear? It be a minor accident. The guy looked okay and everything, and said he was fine….

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She faulted me by running her car onto my motor bike . why are you fooling around/get a lawyer or you will have noble children graduating college before that happens/they hold no pressure database a claim with your insurance company. Let them handle it. Or acquire a…

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How much can i claim for of a vertebrae injury?

you need a lawyer for this. you will gain some weird or funny answers here. the settlement would depend on where be you injured(at work) where do you live? how bad or eternal is the injury? for sure,pay a personal injury lawyer for at most minuscule 1 consultation. take all the…

How much compensation can i claim for whiplash?

I own be within a sports car crash and get a posterior injury?
Hiya mate, i have just be in a crash and i am claiming through http://www.inury-law.co.uk they have be really helpful so far and think i can attain lb3500 if all goes resourcefully. Try it dude Source(s): http://www.injury-law.co.uk

How much does solictors bring out of your personnal injury claim surrounded by the uk?

A decent solictor will get nought out of your claim, but the court will award costs and thats where they earn their pennies. It adjectives depends on which company you go to. It can be 100% but you need to ask. in UK assuming you win…

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How much should i settle my auto injury claim for? please someone backing me out!?

i was in a wreck as a passenger and both cars totaled. other driver complete a imperfection. coming up on 2 yrs nov this year and med expenses 12,000. i have no health ins. so i salaried all out of pocket and can’t continue treatment within……

Rape Reported Near George Washington University

A woman was raped in northwest DC near Washington Circle early on the morning of October 7th near the Embassy of Spain, police have confirmed. Police have not identified a suspect in the sexual assault, but have released a description of the woman’s attacker.

The woman was forced into an alley at a location on the 2300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue just prior to the assault. The alley in which the woman was assaulted provides access to a garage entrance to the Spanish Embassy, so several closed circuit security cameras were operating in the vicinity of the attack. Officer Istmania Bouilla told press that police were called to the scene just before 2 a.m., but did not say whether the incident or the suspect were caught on camera.

The rape occurred near George Washington University, but law enforcement officials did not disclose whether the rape victim is a student at the school. Officials at George Washington University sent out a campus alert later that day to warn students about the attack.

Police say the woman’s attacker is a Hispanic male, weighing between 135 and 145 pounds and standing at around 5 feet, 9 inches tall. The suspect has short black hair and wore a black jacket and blue jeans. Authorities say the man was not acquainted with the victim prior to the attack. Anyone with information regarding the incident or about the suspect is urged to call police at 202-727-9099.…