Your wedding and reception are occasions that will remain among your fondest memories – and they are also occasions where you will be the center of attention. But you will to a certain extent be sharing the limelight with those nearest and dearest, including those who you choose to act as bridesmaids.

You will want them to be able to play their part in your special day with glowing smiles that are a reflection of your own joy. These are among the reasons that you need to pay careful attention to the bridesmaid robes that you choose.

Tobes play an important part in providing comfort prior to and after the ceremony and reception. They are worn while the bridesmaids ready themselves for their part in proceedings – and are also a visible, lasting and useful indication of the value and care that you place on both their companionship and the importance of their role.

Here are some useful tips that will help you to make the perfect choice when it comes to those all-important bridesmaid robes.

1. Match your Personality

Bridesmaids’ robes are a visible reflection of your personal taste and style. When choosing the bridesmaid’s robes you are faced with a variety of style choices, including the always popular spa style, the wrap, and even those that are modeled after Japanese Kimona. Spa robes are always a popular choice due to the fact that they are looser, more comfortable, and allow for a full range of movement. One size also typically fits a number of body types. Wrap-type robes are typically made from a lighter material such as silk or polyester and are more tailored. But be aware that those manufactured using man-made materials can wrinkle easily. Kimona-style robes are cut above the knee with sleeves that extend a little beyond the elbow – they are the ‘happy medium’ between the spa and wrap-style robes.

2. Color Counts

A great bridesmaid robe will see use beyond the special day (which makes them such a great momento) and the color that you choose can affect their usefulness. Of course, the color has to lend itself to those all-important wedding photos (hello albums and social media), but there are some ways to make even more impact with your choice. you can choose to have different colors for bridesmaids, maids-of-honor, and other special guests like the Mothers of the bride and groom. However, the golden rule is to always select a color that suits your personality – and reserve that extra special hue for your own robe, among other things, it will help you stand out in the group photos.

3. Accessories can make a Big Difference

Wonderful bridal party robes will contribute to making your wedding day unforgettable, however, you can make the choice of robe even more unforgettable by providing matching accessories such as slippers. Hair clips and hair ties can also be a lovely touch and are useful even once the ceremony and festivities are over. Think outside the box – matching nail polish is another option. If you really want to bring a smile to the faces of those who are acting as bridesmaids consider the supply of quality lingerie that matches the color scheme and style of the robes.

Of course, there are many other ways to make the robes even more special such as monograms and details like belts for the robes, and the ever-useful addition of pockets. However, always bear in mind your budget – and don’t stray that far from what you have allocated for the bridesmaid’s robes.

That said, carefully considered bridesmaid’s robes are part and parcel of making your special day into an unforgettable experience.